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Our shop has a sound system that we like to utilize to our advantage and listen to a couple local radio stations 100.5 105.5 FM Megarock and 106.9 KISS FM , as well as  PANDORA INTERNET RADIO  and  SIRIUS-XM SATELLITE RADIO
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We utilize several local as well as internet sources for our parts used for auto repairs and customizing.
Our list of sources is extensive yet once in a while we unfortunately do run into something we aren't sure where we can procure it at a reasonable price, if at all. We always try our best. We can usually beat the price they will ask of the parts they will try to sell to you the end cutstomer, but volume discounts and vendor accounts allow us to acheive better pricing most of the time. Here are just a few of those vendors we utilize.
Advance Auto +  AutoZone +  NAPA +  RockAuto + Dorman + LMC Truck + JC Whitney
Jegs + Summit Racing Equipment + Tire Recappers + 4 Wheel Parts + Strate Welding Supply
Tool Fetch + Harbor Freight + Northern Tool + Howes True Value + Carquest +  Tires - Easy 
Metalico Warren +  +  +  +  
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