​We offer:

 (GMAW) "MIG" welding of carbon steel,

stainless steel & aluminum.

(FCAW) "Flux Core Arc Welding, of carbon steel.

(SMAW) "ARC" welding of carbon & 

stanless steel.

Oxygen/Propane cutting to 1" & brazing.


Plasma torch cutting to 1/4" steel.


Metal Cutting Bandsaw to 4" X 6"


Press drilling to 5/8" twist drills & 4" hole saw,  drill can accommodate up to 12" X 48" stock. 


We currently do not have a (GTAW) TIG welder, but plans are in the works for one some time this coming summer.

We're also looking at adding a Metal Lathe/Mill to our inventory of tools soon.


We offer not only basic automotive maintenance services, but most general repair and replacement needs. 
We are also able to customize your vehicle both inside and out.

Services we offer include:

Basic and advanced repairs.
Remove and Replace faulty/damaged parts.

Design, Fabricate, and Installation of custom    and/or aftermarket parts or systems.

We can find just about any part for your vehicle, no matter your needs, and save you both time AND money to get you what you need or want.






We also offer:

Custom Carpentry



Household Electrical Repairs


Plumbing Repair & Replacement


Scrap metal removal and hauling





If you still need something done, give us a call and we will try our best.

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